If You Wish Hard Enough, Will It Come True???


Anyone who knows me knows that I suck at golf. That’s not to say that I don’t love to play golf, I am just horrible at the actual execution of the game. I really wish I was good at golf though. Maybe if I WISH REALLY HARD I CAN BE GOOD AT GOLF. I’ll close my eyes super tight, squeeze my forehead until it makes those ugly lines, and hold my breath until it happens. That should be enough to make me the next Tiger Woods (well, if Tiger Woods’ ancestors were from the cold and wet North Sea fishing village of Cullen, Scotland…).

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But, it’s just a joke…

So, it’s time for lunch, and you and a co-worker step into the elevator to get the hell out of dodge and away from your boss for an hour. You ride the fart box down like you’ve done every day for years when BAM!, the elevator jerks to a stop and the lights go out. Okay, these things happen. Just hold on for a minute or two and see what happens, it could just be a brief power outage. We’re waiting. Nothing’s happening. We’re still waiting. Nothing’s still happening. Just when you think there’s a real problem the lights come back on. Phewww, that was close; the burrito truck isn’t going to wait out by the front sidewalk forever. You think that’s the end of the story? Well, if it was, you wouldn’t be here reading an article about it, now would you…


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