Book Review: Murder at Zero Hour

I just stumbled across “Murder at Zero Hour” while perusing through Amazon’s offerings and grabbed it up. After all, it’s about World War One for crying out loud. Who writes about WWI anymore? Heck, we’ve had another world war and several other pretty big ones since then. Well, I for one am glad that Mr. Westwood looked that far back for inspiration and provided us with a glimpse of another place in time. Continue reading

Get a Job, Get a Life, or Just Get the Hell Off the Sidewalk!!!

Okay, I’m feelin’ ornery today, so you may want to grab your ego and hold it tight to your chest so it’s nice and safe. Somewhere throughout the day I must have seen or heard something that made me think that people put more value on ‘things’ than on life or people… Oh, that’s right, it was those people camping in the tents in front of the Best Buy store THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!!

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