Big Action Down Under-The Ben Hood Thriller Series

Coral Sea Affair Cover

This review isn’t for a single book, it’s for a really fun series of action books written by a retired Australian police detective turned adventure novelist. Drew Lindsay has written a series of eight books that are reminiscent of the short fiction readers from my youth. The series revolves around a retired-too-early detective who is trying to find his way in the real world, outside of the familiar walls of the New South Wales Police Department. After being shown the door because of too many incidents of being heavy-handed with the bad guys he’s taken down, he falls into a private security gig that sets him up for adventures a’plenty.

Ben Hood is a reluctant toughguy who is highly trained in the martial arts and sought after by everyone; men have an irresistible urge to kill him and women can’t get enough of him. Usually only wanting to get away from everything for a vacation, trouble always seems to be wherever he goes; and the people he meets become either very good friends or lethal enemies. He is the typical ‘larger than life’ character that drives a series of stories; humble, old fashioned, a little arrogant when necessary, and highly confident in his skills. It’s really easy to want to be Ben Hood.

I particularly enjoy the different locales where each installment takes place. Ben Hood travels all over the Australian continent trying to find a little peace and quiet, and Drew Lindsay describes all of the points along the way with detail and an obvious admiration for his homeland and its indigenous peoples.

I read through the first five books in the Ben Hood series without a break, and already have the next two sitting on the memory card of my reader. I’ll take a break now and read a few other things I’ve had queued up and then get back to the ‘down under’ to see what retired detective Hood gets involved in next. These easy to read adventure stories are fun and addictive. You can begin with the first installment, Coral Sea Affair, for free from Amazon, Smashwords, or directly from Drew’s website-

As an aside, I feel like I have to divulge the fact that I contacted Drew Lindsay and exchanged a little back and forth with him through email. We kicked a little ‘cop talk’ around and then I asked him a couple of questions about his writing style. He was a genuine professional, and was delightful to correspond with. It was obvious that he truly loves writing, his police service, and the diversity of his country. I highly recommend this series of stories and Drew as an author.

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2 Responses to Big Action Down Under-The Ben Hood Thriller Series

  1. Drew Lindsay says:

    Loved the review BS. I’ll have to go back and read the damn book again! Currently working on number 12 and the entire series is going very well. I now have 10 of the Ben Hood novels constantly holding positions in the top 20 best selling Amazon books for Australian and Oceania Drama. Once I crack the USA and UK Amazon best sellers, I can go and buy a little helicopter or something…. Kind Regards. Drew Lindsay

  2. bsingaround says:

    Wow, I’m going to have to dig in and check my system settings-I just got the email telling me about the comment today, almost a month after it was posted.
    Anyway, I’m glad to have you drop by Drew. It’s been a while since we corresponded, so you must be the most famous guy in the South Pacific by now! I’m glad you liked the review, and hope that many others do as well. You’ve got a great thing going, keep it up…

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