If You Wish Hard Enough, Will It Come True???


Anyone who knows me knows that I suck at golf. That’s not to say that I don’t love to play golf, I am just horrible at the actual execution of the game. I really wish I was good at golf though. Maybe if I WISH REALLY HARD I CAN BE GOOD AT GOLF. I’ll close my eyes super tight, squeeze my forehead until it makes those ugly lines, and hold my breath until it happens. That should be enough to make me the next Tiger Woods (well, if Tiger Woods’ ancestors were from the cold and wet North Sea fishing village of Cullen, Scotland…).

Before I got up this morning I didn’t think that just wishing was enough to make something happen. I mean, of course, I’ve heard lots of other times when people have wished that something would happen, and it did. There’s Mr. Limpet, the book keeper turned fish who helped save America from the Nazis. He simply wished to become a fish and, TA-DAAA, he’s a genuine deep sea swimmer!!! How lucky was he: he wanted it and it just happened, easy-cheesy.


And, who can forget old Nancy Pelosi, the poor little rich grandma from the Left Coast who wished that everyone could have healthcare, regardless of whether they want to work for it or not. She screamed and she screamed, so hard that her diligent little staffers worked their fingers to the bone until they finally had a stack of papers that said, “Affordable Care Act” on the front (of course, even Nancy didn’t know that there was nothing on the inside, that everyone would just make it up as they went along…) But, who’s quibbling over the details, the bottom line is that she wished that it would happen and it did!


Okay, so you’re wondering how this all relates to me playing golf, right? Sure you are… Well, this morning, while playing golf with my old..er, older brother, nephew and friend, we came across this little curiousity:


What is that, you ask? Well, it’s four little pieces of brand new sod, of course. Look, you can see it better here:


Now you recognize it? Four cute little pieces of golf course grass that some grounds keeper really wishes will grab hold of the earth beneath it and grow, grow, grow. I can’t even imagine how broad the smile was on that happy little keeper of the grass as he walked away, knowing that when he comes back he’ll be greeted with this:


I mean, why not? Mr. Limpet wanted to become a fish and he saved the world; Crazy Nancy wanted healthcare and she has a pile of papers that says we’ll all be okay now; and, some important guy named Sir James Matthew Barrie said, “Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough.” So, why can’t those little clumps of sod grow into a magnificent lawn of manicured, emerald colored blades of grass that flow across the landscape like a magic carpet? Well, I can’t think of a single reason why not, and neither can that crazy ass lawn guy at Glen Abbey golf course in DeBary, Florida?


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  1. Kerri says:

    The grass is hysterical! Seriously it was like that? Kind of like the guys that put the sod around the random concrete slab in our yard….like it belonged there! Nice blog!

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