Don’t Forget Where You Come From

Allan Quatermain orders his men to fire in thi...

Allan Quatermain orders his men to fire in this illustration by Thure de Thulstrup from Maiwa’s Revenge (1888). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A little while back I was sitting and pondering how great it would be to pump out a piece of work that could someday become a classic piece of literature. You know, something that people use to describe what it’s like when done right. We’ve heard about these authors since we sat in grade school reading aloud for the class: Twain, Hemingway, Asimov, Clarke, Fitzgerald, Wells. These writers will be part of the vernacular forever.
Well, as I sat daydreaming about becoming a grand master, I realized that I hadn’t read a piece of classic literature in a long time. How could I become one of them if I don’t know who and what they are? Continue reading

Big Action Down Under-The Ben Hood Thriller Series

Coral Sea Affair Cover

This review isn’t for a single book, it’s for a really fun series of action books written by a retired Australian police detective turned adventure novelist. Drew Lindsay has written a series of eight books that are reminiscent of the short fiction readers from my youth. The series revolves around a retired-too-early detective who is trying to find his way in the real world, outside of the familiar walls of the New South Wales Police Department. After being shown the door because of too many incidents of being heavy-handed with the bad guys he’s taken down, he falls into a private security gig that sets him up for adventures a’plenty. Continue reading